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Vendor Terms & Conditions

The Georgia Unified Invitational is a sanctioned Special Olympics and an observed USA Swimming swim meet. This meet is governed under USA Swimming rules. The following are the terms and conditions for participation.


GUI- is the official acronym for the The Georgia Unified Invitational. 


  1. Each vendor will get two vendor passes for the Victory Village. Additional members will have to donate at normal price. a. One parking permit per vendor will be provided wherever possible.

  2. Vendors are not allowed to sell alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic Drinking is not allowed on West Gwinnett Park Aquatic Center grounds.

  3. Food Vendors are required to meet Fire Safety, Health Standard and other permits as per requirement of local government agencies for the Village venue.

  4. Vendors are responsible for obtaining tax identification numbers, payment of taxes, license fees, or any other charges that shall become due to any governmental authority in connection with their activities at the event.  

  5. GUI reserves the right to refuse participation to any vendor.

  6. Vendors are responsible for their own liability insurance

  7. Vendors are NOT allowed: A. To use any kind of audio (Public address) system including speakers, microphones, etc. B. To display banners of size larger than 7 feet wide and 3 feet high. C. To display banners outside their booths (EXCEPT sponsors). D. To distribute literature or souvenirs from outside the boundaries of their booth. E. To pursue any fund raising by any means or reselling or subletting of booth space.

  8. Vendor will be charged an additional amount: A. If GUI has to incur additional cleaning expenses to clean the vendor booth area B. If the properties/articles provided by GUI to the vendor are returned broken/damaged or NOT returned at all C. If GUI has to incur any fines/penalties due to the negligence of the vendor D. If any action on the part of the vendor results in an additional out-of-pocket expense to GUI.

  9. If the vendor owes GUI any amount over and above the deposit, GUI is allowed to pursue the vendor through collection agencies, if payments are NOT made to GUI within 30 days of the invoice. All charges incurred on collection will be borne by the vendor.

  10. NO REFUND of booth fee under ANY circumstances. Please do not contact committee members to force refund.

  11. Full amount of booth fee and deposit will be refunded if GUI cancels the event, except for booth fees that have generated by donations. No refunds for donations.

  12. NO rain-checks will be issued in case of any bad weather on the days of the event.

  13. Vendors/Exhibitors will make payments via check, cashier’s check or money order made payable to “Special Olympics Georgia”. A returned check fee will be assessed at $50 per check. Vendors having history of returned checks, will be allowed to register ONLY with a payment made through a cashier’s check.  

  14. “Victory Village” is a community and family oriented event. Exhibitors are expected to honor this and only exhibit items which are generally accepted at family events. GUI reserves the right to deny any exhibitor agreement and/or take appropriate measures to ensure wholesome family fun. GUI reserves the right to expel any vendor from the Festival for boisterous conduct, misrepresentation of display exhibits and items sold, illegal activity, failure to obey vendor rules and regulations as listed in this document, and failure to comply with any reasonable request made by the GUI  Planning and executive Committee. Members of the Planning Committee reserve the right to confiscate any and all property of vendors who have violated any of the above provisions and who refuse to leave the festival grounds in cases of expulsion. Upon signing the enclosed contract, vendors agree that no legal recourse can be taken if the Festival rules have been violated.

  15. GUI reserves the right to forfeit, any rented exhibitor's space that remain unoccupied on the opening day or on failure to make proper payment, to rent said space to any other exhibitor, or use said space in any other manner GUI feels necessary. This clause shall not be construed as affecting the obligation of the exhibitor to pay the full amount specified in the contract for space rental should GUI not resell the space. When a space application is accepted and space is assigned, the exhibitor is liable for full payment. For more information contact us at, PO Box 91, Lawrenceville, GA  30046 Tel: 678-825-5410, email:

  16. Neither GUI, Special Olympics Georgia, Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, Advanced Technical Aquatics, LLC, nor its agents or representatives will be responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the exhibitor or the exhibitor's employees or property from any cause whatsoever. A. Under no circumstances will GUI be liable for lost profit or other incidental or consequential damages. B. Exhibitors shall obtain, at their own expense, adequate insurance against any such injury, loss, or damage. C. GUI shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations under this contract as a result of strikes, riots, acts of God, terrorism, or any other cause beyond its control. D. Anyone visiting, viewing, or otherwise participating in the exhibitor's exhibit is deemed to be the invitee or licensee of the exhibitor, rather than the invitee or licensee of GUI. E. GUI shall not be liable for any injury to, or loss of, property of the exhibitor or injury to persons conducting or otherwise participating in the conduct of the exhibit or to invitees or guests of the exhibitor.  F. Exhibitors assume full responsibility and liability for the actions of their agents, employees of independent contractors, whether acting within or without the scope of their authority and agree to hold harmless GUI and the “Village” grounds from responsibility for liability resulting directly, or indirectly, or jointly, from other causes which arise because of the actions or omissions of its agents, employees, or independent contractors, whether within or without the scope of authority. G. There is not an-other agreement or warranty between the exhibitor and GUI except as set forth in this document. H. The rights of GUI under this contract shall not be deemed waived, except as specifically stated in writing and signed by an authorized officer of GUI.  I. The vendor agrees by the signed application and contract to indemnify GUI against all liability resulting from negligence of the vendor, his/ her agents, or employees, and shall reimburse the GUI for any loss or expense incurred by the GUI for reasons of such negligence.

  17. In case the grounds are damaged or destroyed by fire, elements, or any other cause, or if circumstances shall make it impossible for GUI to permit an exhibitor or exhibitors to occupy the space assigned during any part or the whole of the period covered, then during such circumstances, GUI will not be liable for the fulfillment of this contract as to the delivery of space and the exhibitor shall be reimbursed a proportionate share of the space rental.

  18. When any exhibit is discontinued for reasons of the violation of any of the aforementioned rules and regulations, the Exhibitor shall not be entitled to a refund of any monies paid to GUI. GUI shall not be responsible for any expenditures attendant to such termination.

  19. All points not covered here are subject to decisions by GUI TERMS OF OPERATIONS Hours of business for the Victory Village are follows: 12 p.m.—8:00 p.m. vendors are required to check in at the Vendor Registration prior to setting up their booths. A. Vendors need to setup their booth the day before between 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM. B. Loading and Unloading - Motor vehicles will be allowed at the exhibit area for loading and unloading purposes only. Unloading may begin at 9:00 am on Saturday. All vehicles must be out of the exhibit areas by 10:00 pm on Saturday. Vendors arriving after these times will not be allowed to drive on under any circumstances. Vehicles will not be permitted to reenter the exhibit area for loading until after 8:00 pm on Saturday. C. Vendors will NOT be allowed to bring in vehicles to load/unload materials once the festival has started. Vehicles will be towed by the venue staff and strict fines will be imposed for offenders. D. GUI will make sure that the exhibit area is locked during hours the exhibit area is not open to the public to the extent that the property can be locked. However, exhibitors are solely responsible for their own exhibits and material and should insure the exhibit against loss or damage from any causes whatsoever. All property of an exhibitor is understood to remain in their care, custody, and control in transit to and from and within the confines of the exhibit grounds. GUI will not be liable for the safety and/or preservation of the exhibit material against fire, accident, theft, or any loss or injury whatsoever. Vendors are also liable for the delivery, handling and removal of their own display and items to be sold. E. Adequate security will be provided. It is the responsibility of the vendors to be present when the doors are opened. GUI takes no responsibility or liability for any damage, theft, or destruction to items placed in storage. F. All construction and dismantling of exhibits must be carried out during the times stipulated in the Loading and Unloading section. No exhibit may be erected after the exhibition opens, or dismantled before the official break-down time. G. Decorations and cleanup of the booths is the responsibility of the vendors. H. No makeshift or hand scribbled signage is allowed. All signage should look professional and identify the individual, company or organization. For Food vendors Signage should include Food Menu and Prices. Exhibitor materials, signs, and displays are prohibited in any area other than the booth assigned, unless approved in advance by GUI and site facility management. I. Whenever possible crates or boxes will be stored under cover. GUI assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of packing boxes or crates. J. It is mutually understood and agreed that GUI  shall use proper and reasonable care to have all applicable power services installed in time for the opening of the show. Proper and reasonable care shall be taken to prevent the interruption of power services during the exhibition. However, GUI shall not be held responsible for late installation or any interruption that may occur. K. Exhibits shall be arranged so as not to obstruct the general view nor hide the exhibits of others. L. Vendors will have to list all items they intend to sell in the festival. GUI will have the right to enforce the sale of ONLY those items that have been listed for sale. Vendors not complying with the same will be asked to leave the premises or discontinue the sale. M. Vendors are not allowed to sell Water at the Village. N. All points not covered here are subject to decisions by GUI I/we the applicant(s) have read and agreed to all terms and conditions of this package. In addition, we the participants, expressly release GUI and the owner of the Victory Village sites of and from any and all liability for any theft, damage, injury or loss to any persons or goods, which may arise from the licensing and occupation of exhibition space by us.

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