About GooWee

The Georgia Unified Invitational (GooWee) is a sanctioned Special Olympics and observed USA Swimming event. It is scheduled to be held September 19th, 2020 at West Gwinnett Park Aquatic Center, 4488 Peachtree Industrial Blvd., Berkeley Lake, GA 30071.


Created to provide athletes with intellectual disabilities greater access, greater exposure and greater opportunities to participate in traditional sports competitions, this year’s Georgia Unified Invitational (GooWee) is a statewide traditional sprint swim meet open to all member athletes of:


  • Special Olympics

  • USA Swimming

  • Paralympics

  • YMCA

  • US Masters

  • Metro Atlanta Summer Leagues (ASA, CSSL, GCSL)


In addition to racing each other, athletes will have an opportunity to race some of the top swimmers in the world.


With Special Olympians leading the way, GooWee celebrates the Olympic spirit in all of us, recognizing that each of us have our own daily struggles and challenges to conquer.


General Meet Format


This is a traditional open sprint swim meet sanctioned by Special Olympics Georgia. It will be observed under USA Swimming rules. All participating athletes must present membership verification to one of the following: Special Olympics, USA Swimming, Georgia Masters, Paralympics, YMCA or can demonstrate that she or he is a member of a Metro Atlanta Summer League swim team attached to ASA, CSSL, GCSL to be eligible to enter this meet.


The entry fee is $35.00 per swimmer. Special Olympics agencies are required to cover the entry fees for SOGA qualified swimmers.


No awards will be given at this meet.


No team scoring will be kept at this meet.


Athlete racing times and results will be available on-line at www.georgiaunified.com and through their participating communities within 48 hours following the meet.


Swimmers may swim a maximum of four (4) individual events or three individual events and one relay.  There will be no deck entries or day of entries allowed for this meet.


ENTRY DEADLINE:  Date: 09/09/2020   Time: 10:00 PM.

Coaches will be required to sign in and show proof of registration card for verification for their respective communities.  A coaches’ meeting will be held 15 minutes before the start of the meet on Saturday, September 19, 2020. One coach or representative from each club is requested to attend since coaches are responsible for all information discussed and disseminated at the meeting. Subsequent meetings will be arranged if needed. Coaches arriving late should check in with the Meet Referee upon arrival.


Officials: This meet will be officiated by USA Swimming member officials. There will be an official’s meeting ONE (1) hour prior to the start of each session. The official’s uniform will consist of a white polo collared shirt, navy blue shorts, skirts or slacks with white socks and shoes. All officials must present at check in, their current LSC Officials Certification Card; OR a recently completed Apprentice Form; AND proof of current USA Swimming Non-Athlete membership.  Credentials may be required for deck access and hospitality.


Volunteers: All on deck volunteers must be either USA Swimming recognized or have been certified through Special Olympics Georgia. Proof of your certification must be presented prior to the beginning of the session for which you will be volunteering. For more information regarding volunteering please visit www.georgiaunified.com/volunteer.



Order of Events  Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Session 1  18 & Older Warm up start at 7:30 am. Session begins at 8:30 am.


#1 Mixed 100yd freestyle

#2 Mixed 100yd breaststroke

#3 Mixed 100yd backstroke

#4 Mixed 100yd butterfly

#5 Mixed 100yd IM

#6 Mixed 50yd butterfly

#7 Mixed 50yd backstroke

#8 Mixed 50yd breaststroke

#9 Mixed 50yd freestyle

#10 Mixed 25yd freestyle

#11 Mixed 200yd Free Relay/(Unified Exhibition)

Session 2  17 & Under Warm up not to begin before 12:30 pm. Session begins at 1:30 pm.


#12 Mixed 200yd Free Relay/(Unified Exhibition)

#13 Mixed 50yd breaststroke

#14 Mixed 50yd backstroke

#15 Mixed 50yd butterfly

#16 Mixed 50yd freestyle

#17 Mixed 25yd breaststroke

#18 Mixed 25yd backstroke

#19 Mixed 25yd butterfly

#20 Mixed 25yd freestyle

#21 Mixed 100yd freestyle

#22 Mixed 100yd breaststroke

#23 Mixed 100yd backstroke

#24 Mixed 100yd butterfly

#25 Mixed 100yd IM

Recognition Awards


2020 Volunteer Service Award Recipient: Pat Thoreson

2020 Athlete of the Year Recipient: Katya Vazhenin

2020 Special Olympian of the Year Recipient: TBA

2020 Top Fund Raiser-Summer League Community: TBA

2020 Top Fund Raiser-Swim Teams: TBA

2020 Top Fund Raiser-Individual: TBA

Sanctioning & Volunteers


This meet is sanctioned by Special Olympics Georgia


Hosted by AngelfishGA/ATAQ an Special Olympics Georgia area 18

Agency Chairperson: Kai Akubo Smith

Agency Coordinator: Linda Cosby

Agency Financial Chairperson: Sean Moore

Competition Chairperson: Alex Fouraker

Athlete Representative: Daniel Wondaferew


This meet is sanctioned as an observed meet by USA Swimming, LSC Georgia under Advanced Technical Aquatics (ATAQ)


Meet Director: Kai Akubo Smith

Meet Referee: Stephen Potter

Starter: Dean Anthanassiades

Stroke & Turn Judge: Brian Weyandt

Administrative Official: Cheryl Loprinzo

Safety Director:  Ranee Pattison


Additional Support:

Executive Administrative Coordinator: Debra Bash

Certified Volunteer: Michelle Wondaferew

Certified Volunteer: Daniel Wondaferew, Sr.

Certified Volunteer: Pam Martin

Certified Volunteer: Mary Katherine Cloer

Certified Volunteer: Hortensia Blansia

Certified Volunteer: Amber Driessen

© 2020 by The Georgia Unified Invitational