GooWee 2020 is a statewide traditional sprint swim meet open to all USA Swimming members and non-USA Swimming members residing in the State of Georgia and is scheduled to be held September 19th, 2020 at Cherokee County Aquatic Center, 1200 Wellstar Way, Canton, GA 30114.

How Much Is It to Enter GooWee?


Entry fees are $25 per participant. Participants will be able to swim up to four (4) races. (Due to social distancing rules no relay events will be scheduled.​​​​​​​​​​

Registration Links:

USA Swimming Members:

Non-USA Swimming Members:



Order of Events  Saturday, September 19th, 2020

Session 1   Open----Warm up start at 12:00 pm. Session begins at 1:00 pm.


  1. Mixed 100yd butterfly

  2. Mixed 50yd butterfly

  3. Mixed 200yd butterfly (Limited to 3 heats)

  4. Mixed 25yd butterfly

  5. Mixed 100yd backstroke

  6. Mixed 50yd backstroke

  7. Mixed 200yd backstroke (Limited to 3 heats)

  8. Mixed 25yd backstroke

  9. Mixed 200yd IM (Limited to 5 heats)

  10. Mixed 100yd IM

  11. Mixed 25yd breaststroke​

  12. Mixed 100yd breaststroke

  13. Mixed 200yd Breaststroke (Limited to 3 heats)

  14. Mixed 50yd breaststroke

  15. Mixed 25yd freestyle

  16. Mixed 100yd freestyle

  17. Mixed 200yd freestyle (Limited to 5 heats)

  18. Mixed 50yd freestyle

Recognition Award

GooWee 2020 Athlete of the Year Recipient: Katya Vazhenin

Event Committee


This is an Approved meet sanctioned by USA Swimming under Georgia Swimming and hosted by Advanced Technical Aquatics (ATAQ). Contributions of time and effort by the following individuals has made GooWee 2020 possible:


Meet Director: Kai Akubo Smith

Meet Referee: Stephen Potter

Starter: Eric Pingel

Stroke & Turn Judge: Dean Anthanassiades

Administrative Official: Cheryl Loprinzo

Safety Director: Ranee Pattison

Event General Manager: Debra Bash

Event Finance Manager: Sean Moore

Adaptive Community Liasion: Linda Cosby

Event Logistics: Alex Fouraker

Athlete Aquisition: Igor Vazhenin

Hospitality: Valerie Cartagena

Fundraising Advisor: Ansley Brown

Competition Advisor: Yeong Jae Shin

Competition Advisor: Maliq Williams

Competition Advisor: Christian Smith

Competition Advisor: Lindsay Nease

Competition Advisor: Kaitlyn King

Want to Do More?

We are looking for volunteers for the meet. This includes timers, safety volunteers and hospitality. If you're interested click on the link here.......GooWee2020 Volunteer.

If you wish to, please donate using the button below to help us fund this year's meet and the GooWee actvities to help athletes with intellectual disabilities and children exposed to at-risk environments in our community.

About GooWee Rules

  • GooWee 2020 is being conducted and governed as an Approved swim meet under USA Swimming rules. All participants must adhere to the rules set forth by USA Swimming. This includes, but is not limited to, The Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP), USA Swimming Technical Rules, and COVID-19 Guidelines. In addition, all athletes, coaches, and volunteers must adhere to the COVID-19 guidelines and orders from the State of Georgia and Gwinnett County.

  • All participating athletes and visiting spectators must sign the GooWee COVID-19 Waiver to enter the facility and participate in the meet. Click here for the GooWee COVIDWaiver to complete and submit the fillable document.

  • Athletes not adhering to COVID-19 precautions will be disqualified from the meet and asked to exit the building.

  • All non-USA Swimming participating athletes wishing to dive from the racing blocks must complete the racing start certification. The racing start certification must be completed by a qualified swim coach or instructor. If this is not completed, athletes can start from the deck or in the water but will not the racing blocks. Racing Start Certification Checklist.

  • 25-yard races: all 25-yard races will start from the turn (shallow) end of the competition pool. There will be no diving from the shallow end of the pool. Athletes can execute a sitting start or start in the water.

  • All entries are pre-seeded. All non-USA Swimming athletes (unaffiliated) will be pre-seeded as NT (No Time) for their events. Unattached USA Swimming member athletes will be pre-seeded as NT (No Time) in their events unless "Proof of Time" is provided. There are no deck entries.


  • No team scoring will be kept at this year's GooWee.

  • No awards will be given for this year's GooWee.

  • Athlete racing times and results will be available on-line at and through their participating communities within 48 hours following the meet.

  • Coaches: will be required to sign in and show proof of registration card for verification for their respective communities.  A coaches’ meeting will be held 15 minutes before the start of the meet on Saturday, September 19, 2020. One coach or representative from each club is requested to attend since coaches are responsible for all information discussed and disseminated at the meeting. Subsequent meetings will be arranged if needed. Coaches arriving late should check in with the Meet Referee upon arrival.

  • Officials: This meet will be officiated by USA Swimming member officials. There will be an official’s meeting ONE (1) hour prior to the start of each session. The official’s uniform will consist of a white polo collared shirt, navy blue shorts, skirts or slacks with white socks and shoes. All officials must present at check in, their current LSC Officials Certification Card; OR a recently completed Apprentice Form; AND proof of current USA Swimming Non-Athlete membership. Credentials may be required for deck access and hospitality.